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Vanessa Luciani develops a passion for competition and sports at a young age. Curiously enough, her beginnings as an athlete started with ballet from 3 to 16 yrs-old, which allowed her to move on to many other sports such as gymnastics, swimming, soccer and basketball. Having the abilities and talent to perform in each of these sports during her years in high school at Collège Regina Assumpta, she was named team captain every year as a basketball player and was also awarded "Most Valuable Player" every year of high school. She realizes quickly that she is lucky enough to have all the capabilities of a true athlete. As she performed well in the world of competitive sports, basketball then becomes her life.


After making the decision to concentrate on one sport, she gets attention at a national level and is recruited by many colleges in Quebec and Ontario. She decides to pursue her career with the Vanier College Cheetahs where she evolved for three years. During that time, she is part of the traveling team with Sun Youth during the summer and is noticed by quite a few American universities. She is offered a full scholarship a little further south and accepts to be part of the NCAA league and become a Tusculum College Pioneers, in Tennessee. After making the front page of the newspaper a few times, she unfortunately had to put an end to her career much earlier than she expected because of an injury. She graduates with a bachelor's degree in education. 

Vanessa makes her way back home to Montreal and starts her career in teaching. As she is not in an athlete's world anymore, she quickly starts to pick up on bad living habits. She puts in all her time and energy on her new career and puts herself aside. Like many, she becomes comfortable and starts to gain weight considerably, in complete contrast with the athlete's body and lifestyle she has always known.


Fortunately, she realizes how difficult it is to live in those conditions, not just physically, but mentally. Too many hours of work, bad nutrition and very little exercise. As she sees her year 30 approaching, she decides that she refuses to live such a life and is determined to turn things around. She challenges herself to lose 30lbs for her 30th birthday, and to return to her athlete's figure and lifestyle. 

What a turning point that was as she was able to find the motivation to achieve her goal. After making the right decisions, choosing a healthy lifestyle and a support system that was positive and knowledgeable, she loses 20lbs in the first two months of her weight-loss journey.  She feels like a new and improved Vanessa already.  Being less heavy for her back injury, she is then able to slowly start working out again. 

Her competitive nature takes over and she stays consistent to achieve her fitness and weight-loss goal. She accomplishes a lot more than she initially thought she would. After 8 months of dedication and goal oriented choices, she loses close to 60lbs in total, gains close to 15lbs of muscles and is on a stage in a bikini at her first fitness competition.


She finds the athlete she once was and her rediscovered self-esteem pushes her to do a second fitness competition. She wins the title of Eastern Canada Champion sin her category for a second time.


Throughout that journey, she was able to inspire and help hundreds of other people to make the changes necessary to take control of their health, and accomplish their goals. That is when she decided that she needed to make that her mission. Her background in teaching helps her easily share her story and experience with others by helping them achieve their health goals, teach them about different ways and solutions to adapt to their reality and needs. 

She acquires many nutrition certificates in general nutrition, sports nutrition, weight-loss and personal trainer certification. It is important for her to be better equipped to share her passion for sports, training and nutrition.

Vanessa now has the best formula to help anyone achieve a permanent healthy lifestyle through her amazing coaching and constant support throughout one's journey to an active and strong lifestyle.

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